You better get your cookies quick


Football season ended on Sunday night with the Super Bowl, but we’re in the midst of another season that has much more important ramifications.

It’s cookie season. And Girl Scouts (and their parents) everywhere are leaving no stone unturned to make sure we are all adequately supplied with cookies for another year.

The famous Girl Scout cookie sale is a fundraiser, yes, but it supports programming that makes young girls into stronger adults.

All forms of Scouting – yes, we count Boy Scouts, too – provide young people with life skills that will serve them long after they’ve left their troop. Whether its learning survival skills, first aid or how to handle money, Scouting teaches young people about independence and interdependence. No Scout is as strong as the troop. Scouts learn to depend on each other to pull their weight to accomplish a team goal. But the Scouts also learn how to take on their share of responsibilities to better assist the troop in reaching those goals.

Those skills bear fruit later in life. As adults, there will always be times when we depend on the hard work of others. And there will always be times when we need to depend on ourselves because we know best what needs to be done and how to do it.

So, when you hear a Girl Scout knock on your door, or when you pass by a stand out in front of a local store, consider supporting Scouting. It’s an investment in the future of a young person. And that’s something we can’t invest in too heavily.


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