Writer concerned over “trashy” image


To the editor:

I moved to Roxboro over 12 years ago, having been born and raised in Durham, where I also raised my family. As Durham became increasingly dirty and violent, Roxboro looked so clean, green and serene. And it was, until the last few years. But so much trash is now accumulating. Nearly every road I drive on is now trashy. It seems like a lot of folks are just chunkin’ out everything into ditches and onto the streets, from full household trash bags to television sets, furniture, soda bottles, beer bottles and boxes even large liquor bottles. There are some very large pieces of plastic on the roadside near the “Welcome to Roxboro” sign on Burlington Road, that have been there for over a month, looking bad. We could start our clean up there.

I pick up what I can in my very small car, but it doesn’t hold much. You’d think with all the trucks and SUVs in town, it would be an easy fix to clean up, with a little time, effort and desire. Most of it can be taken to the Recycle Center at Martin/Leasburg Road.

Please, whoever is in charge of general litter pickup in Roxboro, help ASAP! It really shouldn’t take much money, but will make a huge difference in our home. I could say more, but I’ll leave it at this: please stop littering, and let’s clean up what’s already out there. It’s about to spoil our image.

Linda S. Fuller



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