What makes for a good dining experience?


Good food isn’t the only ingredient of an enjoyable dining experience.

What makes you choose a restaurant? The food obviously – but what about the location, seating, how far apart the tables are, service, the staff in general, the surroundings, the general ambience and of course the price? Restaurants must make us want to go there, whether for a quick lunch, dinner with friends or a special occasion meal. But what makes one better than the other? Do you follow the recommendations (or otherwise) of online reviews, or perhaps the all-new Best of Person County?

Most people go for personal recommendations from friends and colleagues. Others use online sites like Yelp.

Generally, people choose a place that’s busy – especially if it’s full of locals, always a good sign that the food is freshly prepared and will taste good.

In the new Best of Person County, there are 45 different local restaurants in 21 unique categories (see the list).

Various types of restaurants fall into several industry classifications based upon menu style, preparation methods and pricing. Additionally, how the food is served to the customer helps to determine the classification.

Historically, restaurant referred only to places that provided tables where one sat down to eat the meal, typically served by a wait staff.

Today there are fast food options that usually have a drive through (like McDonalds), quick serve where you normally walk up to a counter to order, casual dining which is normally a café or a coffee shop, and then fine dining.

Restaurants that have tasty, freshly cooked food by a proper chef (not brought in ready-prepared meals) are likely a local favorite. Add well priced, a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere, welcoming staff and friendly and

knowledgeable service and you may find yourself in one voted Best of Person County.

What do you think makes a great restaurant?

Who do you think is the best?

Find out more and cast your vote at www.personcountylife.com. Click on the Best of Person County logo at the top of the home page. Scroll down to the category graphics to cast your votes.


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