Walls don’t work


To the editor:

In the Feb. 6 edition of The Courier-Times, the writer of the Conservative Corner wrote that while cruising through Roxboro, she saw a bumper sticker praising membership in the Democratic party. She determined that the Democratic party was losing African-American and Hispanic voters.

I doubt she knows any black or Hispanic voters who would confide in her. Several years ago, there were only 99 black Republicans in Person County.

She is highly misinformed about the effectiveness of the wall on the West Bank of Israel. The West Bank has been declared a war zone. Deadly force is routine. Because of the war zone status Israel was able to obtain the highly sophisticated Iron Dome system from the United States. This system is lethal for any people or weaponry crossing the West Bank.

We are not at war with our southern neighbors or with asylum seekers. To employ such weaponry on our southern border would be a violation of international law and the U.S law of Posse Comitatus.

I’m totally opposed to using walls to contain people seeking freedom and better lives for themselves and their families.

In the early ‘60s in Germany I saw the Berlin wall go from a painted line on the cobblestone street to a massive concrete wall topped with barbed wire. Houses were blown up and mine fields planted.

I saw an East German soldier throw down his weapon and make an attempt to scale the wall. He was shot by his fellow East German soldiers. He hung in the wire screaming for help until he bled to death. His body remained on the fence all day. It has been almost 60 years but I still remember his name. It was Peter Fletcher. If he had survived for another 20 years, he would have seen the Berlin Wall fall. Walls don’t work.

We all know the history of the United States. The Native Americans were slaughtered by the European settlers. Their land was stolen and given to other Eurpoean settlers free of charge. African slaves were brought in as a source of free labor.

Now, the descendants of those Europeans are telling others now seeking asylum on our southern border: “We have ours. We will now build a wall to keep you out.”

Conservatives claim it’s not about race. President Trump says it is about race. He wants more European immigrants.

Ernest Poole



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