Video offers a glimpse of Roxboro's entrepreneurial spirit



It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has changed all our lives. The ripple effects of the insidious bug have affected how we entertain ourselves, how we interact with each other and our freedom to move around at will.
The impacts have been economic as well.
Businesses that would normally be open and providing goods or services have closed their doors entirely or drastically altered the way they provide the service. That certainly has led to decreased revenues for those businesses. In many cases, those business owners and their affected employees are our friends, neighbors or fellow church members. They are real people just like you and me. That’s the nature of small business across the country and here in Person County.
But business people aren’t taking these changes lying down. They’ve gotten creative with the merchandise they offer and their delivery methods. They’ve used the down time to examine their business practices, looking for ways they can improve once the health threat dissipates. And they have made their case for the importance of small business.
At The Courier-Times, we are helping to get that message out. On Wednesday, our staff fanned out across the county, working with business owners and workers from a variety of fields to make the point that spending money locally has value beyond the worth of the good or service purchased. We produced a video, #SpendLocalRoxboro, featuring more than 20 business owners, their families and their employees. Their message is an important one and they – and we – want you to take it to heart. Spending your money in Person County highlights the demand for the goods and services we buy. When consumers show demand, the market tends to react favorably to that.
Put another way, if we will buy it, businesses will set up shop (or reopen their shop) here to provide it.
To view the video, go to our homepage, at If you follow us on Facebook, you can also find a link to the video on our news feed.
Small business – despite the moniker – is no small potatoes. About 53 percent of the workforce is employed by what the government calls a small business in this country. But small businesses make up 99 percent of all the businesses out there. And, of those small businesses, 95 percent of them are companies that employee 10 people or less.
We’re not yet done dealing with this pandemic. Medical experts say the peak for coronavirus cases in North Carolina won’t come until late this month. Local businesses will likely feel some pain for a while, yet. But in Person County, at least, we’re looking for every opportunity to promote the value of local business. We’re encouraging you to help circle the wagons around our local business so that, when things return to normal, you’ll still be able to find all the goods and services at the same familiar places while being served by the same familiar people.


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