Therapy is found in baths


A Roxboro company believes it has found a unique way to capitalize on the popularity of bath bombs, the chalky balls of color and chemicals that turn bath water different colors and emit a soothing foam that makes bath time more relaxing.

Diamond Candles will launch a Roxboro candle company that has created a new line of bath bomb bath toys.

The candle and bath toy industry is merging together to launch this new toy in the first quarter of 2019.

Co-founders David Cayton, Tony Cayton, Justin Cayton, Misty Cayton and Blake Starling have recreated the bath bomb experience and their new creation adds to the sensation of releasing and dissolving of bath bombs.

The new bath toy is portable and comes in four different designs which include Ponder the Frog, Pandora’s Lotus, Bubbly the Tugboat and Misty the Unicorn.

“We’re from Durham but we’re bringing traffic to Roxboro,” said David Cayton.

Bath bombs release colors, aromas and create a sensitive foam when they are put in water.

But when the bath bombs are inserted into Bathtubbies the combination creates a new portable device for both children and adults.

Each design includes a remote-controlled LED light, underwater lights and a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker to broadcast music and and audio books.

Cayton said Bathtubbies can be used as aroma therapy, light therapy and music therapy.

The patent-pending design incorporates a bath bomb compartment that propels the device and allows for the bath foam to expelled into the water.

“What we feel is that your typical bath toy is what you use in the bath but you can set this in your dresser or nightstand and use it as an audio device too,” said Cayton.

Prices vary from as low as $25 to as much as $1,000 and as of now 25,000 people have signed up to to pre-order Bathtubbies that are set to come out in March 2019.


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