Taking God out of politics


To the editor:

On Sept. 6, 2012 at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa asked for a delegate vote to restore references to God and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to the party platform. He had to do that because the people who originally drafted the platform made a decision to remove God from it.

Does anyone remember the reaction? On the first vote it was impossible to determine whether the delegates approved or disapproved. So they took another vote. Once again it was difficult to tell which side got the most votes. They took a third vote and even though you still couldn’t tell, Villaraigosa proclaimed to boos that two-thirds had voted in favor of restoring references to God to the party platform even though that was clearly not true.

On Jan. 22, both chambers of the New York state legislature voted in favor of the Reproductive Health Act which declared abortion to be a fundamental right, essentially invalidating any limits on abortion, allowing abortions up to the time of delivery, allowing non-physicians to perform abortions and preventing pregnant women whose babies are killed in violent attacks from seeking justice.

Basically, the law authorizes and decriminalizes infanticide up to the time of birth. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill to cheers and applause.

On Jan. 29, a key committee in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives drafted a bill removing the phrase “so help you God” from the other administered to witnesses testifying before the committee.

It is amazing to me that anyone who identifies themselves as Christian could ever vote for a Democrat. The Democratic party has large numbers of members who do not believe in Jesus Christ and want to ban any reference to him in their platform. The same party promotes the slaughter of unborn babies. The same party has celebrity members who mock the name of Jesus and promote the most sinful lifestyles imaginable. The immoral, unethical stances that this political party stands for are promoted by the majority of the mainstream media.

I watched as the IRS attacked people based on their conservative beliefs. I watched as the FBI, the Department of Justice and the State Department used their power to attack and persecute people who have demanded justice for people like Hillary Clinton.

I read letters to the editor and editorials from people who identify as Democrats and I ask myself if they, too, support all these godless travesties. I think that some of these folks have been Democrats their entire lives because their parents were Democrats and they are not paying attention to what today’s Democratic party really stands for.

Jamie Huff



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