Take heed of warnings issued by our leaders


Now is not the time to take umbrage with our statewide or local political and governmental leadership.

Officials at both levels are being faced with a host of bad choices as they try to navigate thousands and millions of people through a public health crisis. They are taking unprecedented actions to stem the tide of the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Remarkably, some people are flaunting that. Why, we can’t imagine.

The worldwide medical community has an idea about how to get rid of this virus and the disease it causes. But their strategy relies on people doing their part.

And, so we hope those who will read this work hard to stay informed about the latest developments with this disease and that they will follow the basic safety steps health officials have outlined, from hand-washing to covering your mouth when you sneeze and keeping a safe distance between you and other people to sheltering in place if it comes to that.

There’s no need to make a run on the grocery store and buy up all the breads, meats and toiletries you find.

For now, Person County residents have fared well in the fight against the coronavirus, but it only takes one scofflaw to come into contact with someone carrying the virus and, before you know it, Person County could be the next coronavirus hotspot.

So take heed of the warnings you’re given. They are hard to miss. They are in newspapers like this one, on television, radio and all over social media (though we encourage readers to take care when they read social media posts to be sure the source is a reputable one.)

State officials seem convinced at this point, that the number of cases will continue to rise for some time. There’s plenty of opportunity for panic to set it, but we must not let that happen. Instead, we should all take the same kind of common-sense approach to this that Person County people take in regard to most any other situation.

Follow the rules. Do your part. Let’s get rid of the coronavirus together.


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