Stigall cared about people’s problems


To the editor:

The death of Sandy Stigall is tragic for Roxboro. Many years ago, approximately 2009, I needed help with getting my street intact and I wrote a letter and left it for every city councilman and the only one to respond to me was Sandy. I explained my concerns and problems and thanks to Sandy they were resolved.

Going forward I always went to him for any help. Why? Because no one else cared or they would have responded to my letter. Sandy was a man of his word and if he believed in the situation he would fight for it. Sandy was not a “yes” man … if everyone was for something and he was not he still voted for his “no.”

The Roxboro City Council lost a great man, someone who cared about Roxboro and was the “voice” for the citizens of Roxboro. In my opinion the vacancy will be filled, but the seat will never be replaced. Everyone needs to be more like Sandy…he was plain Sandy…a great role model for new counciImen to follow. Being a lifelong citizen and paying city and county taxes it’s sad not to have someone to talk to about the city ordinances/codes. All you have to do is express an interest in the problems of the common person like Sandy did to me. So many citizens do not get involved, because they feel no one cares….Sandy Stigall cared!

In my opinion Sandy Stigall and Mayor Merilyn Newell are the ones that care….they are the only ones that ever helped me. Give credit where credit is due.

RIP, Sandy my friend.

Barbara Jo Miller



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