Person High School juniors are scheduled to take the ACT Feb. 22, and many students wonder why they have to take it.

Why is this test and the SAT so important? The SAT and ACT are both exams that help students get into college. The SAT and ACT are also opportunities for students, who weren’t planning to go to college, to gain interest from colleges and to start looking for one that fits their career pathway.

The SAT and ACT are similar and cover the majority of the same topics, but according to, there are eight main reasons why a student should take the ACT seriously. One reason is that the ACT only counts the answers that you mark correctly and doesn’t count any incorrect answers against you, although on the newly-redesigned SAT the same feature now exists. The other piece that may make the ACT more appealing to a PHS test taker is that math is only 25 percent of the ACT test, whereas it’s almost half of the score on a SAT. also reports that counselors found that more scholarships were given for ACT scores than SAT ones. The ACT is also offered free of any cost to PHS students, but most must pay for the SAT, and it is usually given early on a Saturday morning.

The ACT and SAT are both exams used to received entrance into a college or university. On average, to receive admission to a UNC-system school, a 25 or better on the ACT is needed. Many students may not see the value in the ACT because it’s given for free during school hours, but this exam can be a student’s key to getting into a really good college.


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