RPD campaign aims to slow speedy drivers


The Roxboro Police Department is educating motorists about a new traffic pattern on social media.

The Roxboro Police Department recently launched its “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” campaign for the all-way stop on Crestwood Drive at Gordon Street.

The campaign is intended to educate motorists before officers begin issuing tickets during an enforcement campaign.

RPD released a traffic safety announcement video on their social media pages to educate motorists about the changes.

In the video, Sgt. Ryne Ford provides information about the major traffic pattern change and how motorists will be required to come to a complete stop behind the stop sign and look in all directions to make sure they can travel through the intersection safely before proceeding. Before the change, motorists on Crestwood Drive had to stop, but drivers on Gordon Street could pass through the intresection unimpeded.

This is just one more step in the police’s department effort to curb speeding.

The change to this intersection is just the latest thing the police department has done to address speeding in different parts of the city. They’ve looked at traffic calming efforts along South Main Street. A new caution sign was erected on South Main Street last week in front of the Person County Library. Police have also used their mobile radar unit to collect data on traffic speeds in places like around Person High School. The city has been working with DOT to redesign Madison Boulevard. And the police department is trying to establish a dedicated traffic unit.

“We are really hoping that it is an eye-catching opportunity for the public to really understand all you have to do is come to a stop,” said Chief of Police David Hess.

City crews installed the three-way stop on the residential street after city leaders approved it last November.

Some residents in the Crestwood Drive neighborhood were concerned about speeding and based on the city’s traffic calming policy, the stop sign was deemed the most appropriate way to slow traffic.

The education campaign and the enforcement campaign by citation will run from Monday, May 20 through Friday, May 24.

“We will stop people who violate the stop sign and educate them on obey the sign or pay the fine. They will get a warning for a first-time violation. If officers encounter a repeat offender they will get a citation before we start the enforcement campaign,” said Hess.

After Friday, May 24, the enforcement campaign will begin.

According to Hess, if motorists are seen violating the law, they will be ticketed and fined $238.

The traffic safety video can be viewed on the Roxboro Police Department Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Roxboro-Police-Department and on Hess’s Twitter page @ChiefDavidHess.


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