Republicans are consuming their own


To the editor:

Politically, I disagreed with Sen. John McCain on most issues. However, as a professional warrior with two close friends who earned the Medal of Honor, I learned firsthand what it takes to be considered a hero. John McCain met and exceeded the requirement.

I can’t understand how local Republicans can remain silent while President Trump, who received five draft deferments, attacks this national hero. They are consumed by his narcissistic self-praise, his showmanship and his ability to lie. Fact checkers accuse him of telling over 8,000 provable lies during his first two years as President.

It is totally reprehensible that Trump attacks McCain seven months after his death and the only peep out of local Republicans is to read bumper stickers and advocate building stupid walls. They don’t remember President Reagan’s tear down this wall speech.

President Trump lied about being responsible for Sen. McCain’s state funeral. Only Congress can decide whose body can lie in state in the Capitol rotunda. The Trump administration only provided transportation from his home state and back. All military retirees are entitled to military rites.

President Trump has an agenda; it’s to tear down former President Obama’s legacy. He started by accusing Obama of not being a U.S. citizen. McCain took the opposite route. He called Obama a fine citizen he politically disagreed with.

Trump believed that he could destroy Obama’s legacy by killing the ACA. McCain voted to keep the ACA intact. Trump saw McCain as an obstacle to his goal. That’s when his assault on McCain began. Trump accused McCain of not being a hero because he was captured.

After the Korean War the U.S. military developed a code of conduct to govern American POWs. This code states that American POWs will not accept paroles or special favors from the enemy. They will be released on a first-in, first-out basis.

When McCain ejected from his plane over Hanoi he broke both shoulders. He landed in a lake. Because of his broken shoulders he couldn’t activate his life jacket with his arms. He was able to activate his life jacket with his teeth. When he came to the top of the water he was captured.

He was tortured and received no medical attention for his injuries. On pure guts, he endured pain and torture. When North Vietnam leaders learned his father was a naval commander, they gave him medical treatment and for propaganda purposes they offered him a parole. McCain remembered the code. He refused their offer. He told them he would wait his turn. More than five years later he was released. Because of his untreated injuries he was never able to comb his hair again.

If the Republicans consume their own what should the rest of us expect?

Ernest Poole



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