RCS seeks head lacrosse coach to restart program


Roxboro Community School (RCS) was the only school in Person County that had a lacrosse team for several years, according to RCS middle school athletic director Pete Tuck.

“There has been a lacrosse team since 2007- 2008,” said Tuck. The middle school and high school lacrosse program was cancelled because RCS lacked a volunteer coach.

To lacrosse players, the sport was an important experience.

“At least three players to my knowledge have gone on to play college level lacrosse,” Tuck said.

“Last year was the first time that we ran into this problem,” said RCS high school athletics director Melinda Goodson. There was no one to coach; also there was not enough interest in the sport.

Goodson and Tuck were asked if football could be a possible replacement for lacrosse.

“There is a 99 percent chance that RCS will never have a football team,” said Tuck.

“Most likely not but I hate to say never,” said Goodson when asked the same question.

RCS parent Crystal Martin said, “I think that football would be a good addition to have but it could never replace lacrosse.”

Martin’s son, Cody, said he thought football would be a good replacement for lacrosse. He said it was his understanding that lacrosse was canceled due to a lack of interest.

Blake Beeker, former RCS lacrosse player and graduate, said, “I loved my experience on the lacrosse team. Everyone was treated like family. And it was just a ton of fun. It kind of upsets me that the lacrosse program might end up cancelling.” Beeker added that he thought Pete Daly was a great coach.

“I do think football would be a good decision mainly due to the fact that the lacrosse program was very short on players for the majority of the time that I was there. Not many people really wanted to play and some of the people I talked to said they would love to play football if RCS had offered it,” Beeker said.

Anyone interested in the head coach position should contact Tuck or Goodson.


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