Quarry just isn’t a good idea


To the editor:

I have a home in Caswell County on Roxboro Lake, a secondary water source for Roxboro, some 10 miles away from a proposed stone quarry, asphalt plant and concrete plant, a plant that is 862 feet from the lake headwaters, and the subject of Mr. George Willougby’s Jan. 4 story, “No plans in sight for Sunrock facility in Prospect Hill.” The article might be better entitled “The Caswell County Moratorium Was Passed-ALONG, Final Ordinance Pending.”

The quarry site was part of the 1800s booming tobacco growing industry before and after the Civil War. There are at least four documented slave cemeteries, two which are located within the proposed quarry pit and one which stood nearby in front of the present historical 1868 Mitchell house, 1238 Wrenn Road. Area residents claim the slave cemetery has been graded and destroyed previously by loggers clear cutting this site.

There is immense concern by surrounding residents and neighbors in Person and Orange counties for the location of the project and the lack of concern by all involved not only for the many foreseeable environmental hazards, traffic and blasting, but also the present residents and their history.

Residents turn for answers and action to hear “we have no regulatory authority” as evident at the November 4, 2019 DEQ “emergency” public comment hearing in Yanceyville. Your readers can watch the 3.5 hour session here: https://youtu.be/i8lDNLLOg7I.

You will hear impassioned pleas by area residents and political speak, but I call special attention to the forewarning of water quality specialists.

There is also a submission on record from an environmental quality expert citing things about the application like changes on-the-fly that render the test less than ideal; (tests) that should have been replicated, data sets that were manipulated and the use of 270 feet for the saturated thickness is an obvious misrepresentation of the groundwater system

The quarry and asphalt business is not suited to an area of sustainable agriculture, families and a city reservoir like Prospect Hill. Lake Roxboro must be protected and not with chemicals in remedy of a faulty earth science experiment. The subject project will destroy any future prospect of clean development or organic agriculture in the area...not to mention a water supply for Roxboro.

Peter Christopher

Hurdle Mills


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