Police department sets goal to lower violent crime rate


The Roxboro Police Department wants to continue its mission of creating a safer city by decreasing the violent crime rate.

Earlier in the year, the Roxboro Police Department released a report on the city’s violent crime data, revealing that the crime rate was at its lowest since 2004.

Crime rates were down nearly 6 percent from last year, according to the data released by the department.

However, the city’s three-year average crime rate of 8.12 percent is slightly higher than the state’s average of 6.1 percent.

“(Tracking) our crime data to make the city safer is a top priority,” said Chief of Police David Hess.

The police department plans to combat the violent crime rate in two phases over the next three years.

In Phase One, the plan of attack is to enhance community partnerships, increase directed patrols in areas where violent crimes occur, increase community policing outreach, promote the “See Something Say Something” campaign and partner with judicial officials to hold offenders accountable.

In Phase Two, police expect to seek judicial support of continued criminal enterprise felony charges, gain judicial support for stronger sentences and enhance partnerships with federal law enforcement partners and prosecutors.

In the early part of the effort, the department plans to host at least two community policing events annually, publish crime data semi-annually to track trends and publicize the success of partnerships or federally adopted criminal cases.

“The more community policing events we have in neighborhoods and business districts the better our relationships are. The relationships are so important because the community then has trust,” said Hess.

Building relationships with the community has played a huge factor in the reduction of violent crime rates.

In the last four years, officers have balanced building community relationships and utilizing technology to make their job efficient and effective.

As a result of that commitment the department has seen a reduction in the crime rate.

“We have had a substantial drop in the crime rate and I hope that trend continues,” said Hess.

That is why the mission to reduce the crime rate will not only take RPD’s plans and efforts but it also will take the community’s efforts to achieve the goal.

“I think the goals are important. If the community understands our goals and staff understands our goals, they are more willing to help achieve them because everyone sees the benefit in a safer city,” said Hess.


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