Pancakes on the griddle


The foot traffic in the Person High School cafeteria on Saturday made the place look like any other school day.

People turned out in large numbers for the 64th annual Kiwanis Club Pancake Jamboree.

The fundraiser supports many of the local clubs civic endeavors, which include scholarships and support of other community initiatives. Sponsorships help boost the effectiveness of the fundraiser, but the fellowship on the first Saturday in December is what draws many into the school on a weekend day.

The club relies on its own members to staff the event, which begins long before the official 6 a.m. serving start. But they also enlist the aid of members of the Person High School Key Club – a sort of high school version of Kiwanis, and the Interact Club.

The Kiwanis Pancake Jamboree is as much a social occasion as it is a meal. People greet each other and chat before they even get in line to eat. Then they finish their meal and get up to go visit with friends on the other side of the cafeteria.

For families, the Pancake Jamboree is a great way to feed hungry children without a lot of labor on mom and dad’s part.

On Saturday, the weather was iffy for much of the day, but the school bus parking lot was already full by 8 a.m. As the day passed, traffic in the parking lot thinned out, but there was always a steady line of people filling in the cafeteria line.


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