Our Thanksgiving traditions


On Thanksgiving, my mom and dad invite our whole family to eat lunch at our house. Everyone brings a dish and after we say our blessings, we pick out everything we want to eat. We all eat together and catch up on what is going on in our lives. The children play outside (if it is not too cold) while the adults sit inside and chat. Thanksgiving is a great way to think about what I am thankful for and to spend quality time with my family.

Abby Porterfield

The Jackson family’s Thanksgiving tradition is when all the men in the house come together and prepare the turkey, chicken, and ham. Once we finish preparing all the food and it’s finally cooking, we all play football together and just have fun. At the end of the day when the food is finished, we all sit down at the table together, and we say what we’re thankful for and then we eat up.

Isaiah Jackson

Normally, what I do for Thanksgiving is going to my grandfather’s house where everyone meets up. Dinner usually starts around 2 p.m., so before then we’re warming food up and just talking with other family members about what’s recently going on with them. Then whenever everyone arrives, we say a prayer then start eating, after we eat we sit around for about 2-3 hours talking and watching the game, and then we go home.

Egypt Thomas

Ever since I was little Thanksgiving always took place at my house, all of my family would come over from both my mom and dad’s side. My parents would stay up all night cleaning the house before Thanksgiving, to make the house all nice and prepared for the next day. On Thanksgiving, everyone would come over around 7 p.m., and all my cousins would play games while we wait around for the rest of the family to arrive. Once everyone is at the house, we all settle down around the table and talk while we eat. That’s what my Thanksgiving tradition, is what’s yours?

Alexia Walker

For Thanksgiving, my family usually goes to my grandmother’s house on my mother’s side. The grandchildren help cook while the adults reminisce on their childhoods and eventually take over the cooking. Once everybody is at the house, we pray over the food and serve the elders first. While we eat, we talk about our achievements, our defeats, and give advice about how they could improve certain situations. After dining with my mother’s side, we go visit my other grandmother who is a Jehovah’s Witness and bring her a plate.

Taylor Williams

For my Thanksgiving tradition, I always go to my aunt’s house on my mom’s side of the family. Everyone brings something and we eat.

After we eat we play a game where you put a plate over your head, and you have to draw a turkey, and whoever has the best turkey gets a subway gift card. The weekend after Thanksgiving, I go to my dad’s house and we do a Thanksgiving dinner for just the four of us.

Katherine Hill

On Thanksgiving, I usually go deer hunting in the morning. Then my family goes to my Uncle Dorsey’s and eats lunch.

Then, we finish cooking and we have the entire family at my house. We eat and have a good time.

John Montague

Thanksgiving is not a holiday that my family is very big on. I do not travel, I stay in town because all of my family lives in Person County. To start the day my family and I eat a small breakfast and we do not eat again until we go to my nana and papa’s house for Thanksgiving dinner with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

There are not any traditions per se, but my cousins and I always play hide-nseek after we finish dinner while the adults mingle. This year’s Thanksgiving is a little different for me, however.

I will be traveling to Raleigh to share thanks with my boyfriend’s family, and I am so excited.

Courtney Davis


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