Now’s the time to shop locally


Regular readers of this space know that we have long endorsed the concept of shopping locally. The benefit has a real trickle-down effect. Taxes stay in Person County when you pay them in Person County. Your friends and neighbors get jobs at some of the companies you patronize and, with the money they make at that job, they may patronize your employer.

Never has this principle been more important.

Many businesses have closed their doors voluntarily and limited sales to online, the telephone and delivery. Restaurants and bars, ordered by the governor to close, have scrambled to create take-out and delivery options for the customers in order to salvage what sales they can.

With no certain end-date in sight, it’s not clear how big the impact of the coronavirus will be on those businesses, even if a case never presents itself here in Person County.

What is clear is that employees who have lost their jobs, at least temporarily, will struggle to keep pace. Some businesses – Duke Energy, Roxboro Savings Bank and the city of Roxboro to name a few – have taken steps to ensure that customers won’t be penalized by the loss of income during the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s important that we do our parts too. Eat out a time or two this weekend. Help those businesses stay on their feet. Buy your goods and services from businesses here so that they will be less impacted by the coronavirus concerns.

This is how we serve as our neighbor’s keeper. It’s always important to shop locally. But it’s never more important than at a time like this, when businesses are faced with potentially crippling changes, none of which are of their own making.


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