Not Pelosi’s shutdown


To the editor:

The (letter to the editor) writer in the Wednesday, Jan. 30 edition of The Courier-Times appears to be confused. House speaker Nancy Pelosi did not shut down the government. President Donald J. Trump shut down the government in a temper tantrum over a campaign promise he couldn’t keep.

During his campaign, he promised to build a wall on the southern border and Mexico would pay for it. The Mexican president told him what to do with his wall. He now wants the U.S. taxpayer to pay for the wall.

Gen. George S. Patton stated during World War II that walls were, “nothing but monuments to man’s stupidity.”

Hitler built the Great Atlantic Wall which was supposed to protect the Third Reich for a thousand years. The Allies breached the wall in less than 24 hours. They went through the wall using five beachheads and paratroopers flew over the wall.

So far, fact checkers have accused the chief executive of telling more over 8,000 lies in two years. When will citizens, like the writer, wake up and smell the coffee. A wall will only work if you outlaw ladders, picks, shovels, wire cutters and saws. The Republican party held the executive branch and both houses of Congress for two years. Why didn’t they build a wall?

As for her contentions that Ms. Pelosi is a traitor, I don’t think she is under investigation for collusion.

Ernest Poole



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