Making the case for a border wall


To the editor:

Do border walls work? Is there any truth to what the politicians who refuse to fund protective walls are saying? Maybe it’s time we consider some facts.

In 2018 the same politicians who refused to fund a wall for Americans, approved $500 million to the country of Jordan to fund a wall along their border with Syria and Iraq. Congress also approved the expenditure of $10.5 million each day in American tax dollars for the building of tall concrete border walls in Israel and now Israel reports, that due to the existence of their border walls, illegal crossings into their country has dropped to nearly zero.

The countries of Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, Spain and Norway built border walls to stop the onslaught of unskilled immigrants demanding welfare while destroying the land and placing the citizens in danger by their violence. Hungary reported the cost to build their border wall exceeded $1 billion but has stopped 99.7 percent of the immigrants pouring into their country, saving them far more than they spent on their wall.

Now Turkey is also busy building their border wall to stop illegal entry into their country.

‘El Chapo’ (Joaquin Guzman Loera), head of Mexico’s largest drug cartel, made billions running drugs across our southern border. I believe those fighting hardest to stop the border wall are the most corrupt, regardless of party affiliation.

What about our cost? You can view One American News on TV or go to to see a running count of our daily and year to date cost for the illegals in our country. Based on estimates by the Center for Immigration Studies, Department of Homeland Security, Federation of American Immigration Reform, Institute for Defense Analysis, Yale and MIT, the cost of these illegals is nearly $41 billion in the last 55 days alone.

As for costs in human life, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 70,652 deaths attributed to drug overdose for the year ending December 2017. Go to reliable sources on the internet for information on human trafficking and you may find that President Trump’s statement regarding enslaved women and children brought across our open border is an understatement.

What does the Bible say about walls? When Nehemiah went to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall in 444 BC, he faced opposition through ridicule, threat of attack, discouragement, extortion, feigned compromise, slander and treachery. The walls were rebuilt in an incredible 52 days and the enemies of Israel recognized that it could only have been accomplished with the help of God (Neh 6:16). Thus says the Lord, Isaiah 60:18 “Violence shall no longer be heard in your land, Neither wasting nor destruction within your borders, But you shall call your walls salvation.”

Please call your representative and senator and demand funding of the wall.

Carmen Giggey



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