Liberals have flip-flopped since 2013


To the editor:

Not so long ago, our former President Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and most of the supporters of the liberal left, wanted secure borders and legal immigration. But now, their hatred of President Trump is so bad, they are willing to sacrifice the safety of American citizens by letting anybody in this country without being vetted and going through the appropriate channels. And who is footing the bill? We: the taxpayers.

Now; fast-forward to the current Betsy Ross flag controversy. It wasn’t a problem at Obama’s second inauguration in 2013 or any other time until now that Donald Trump is our President. I have come to the conclusion that the liberal left hates Trump with a passion, at the cost of the tax-paying, American citizens – those who get up every day to go to work and pay their taxes. So I ask members of the liberal left who might read this letter, why the hypocrisy?

Donald Ashley



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