Keep an eye out for road dangers


Graduation season is behind us now. Summer vacations are in full swing.

That means more people will be out and about.

Sometimes, that can spell danger. Motorists should be careful to keep an eye out for pedestrians walking on the side of a street or road.

Children can dart into a roadway in a skinny minute and before a driver is able to react, a child can race into the roadway before there’s a chance to react.

Drivers making their way through residential areas should be especially vigilant during the summer.

Despite the onslaught of technology and the attraction that has for some young people, there will be many outside playing. If a ball gets away or a pet runs into the street, a child is likely to follow without heeding the well-worn warnings to look before you cross the street.

It’s an adult responsibility to look out for those accidents waiting to happen and to take the steps necessary to avoid them.

Slow down. Nothing helps avoid an accident like a lower speed. That gives the driver more time to react to a sudden, rash movement by a pedestrian.

Keep an eye out for potential problems. Our drivers education teachers have taught us all to look up and look ahead. It’s a simple thing to do. Good defensive driving skills mean constantly scanning the road – and the roadside – ahead for potential problems.

Summer ought to be a time for fun for every youngster freed from the shackles of books and classrooms for a few months. Tragedies on our roadways don’t need to happen. Let’s make sure we’re looking out for the youngsters all summer long.


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