Ixnay the golf course idea


I just read with interest, and amazement, the recent C-T article outlining the Board of County Commissioners’ plan to discuss the possible lease of the Roxboro Country Club golf course from the new private owners. Apparently a vocal few, who I assume are neighbors of the property, do not want to see the property developed as a residential community.

I’m not sure all interested parties involved in the discussion of this fiasco understand what is involved financially in the maintenance, upkeep and operation of any golf course. If approved, this would be one of the largest financial debacles this county has ever seen.

We just watched, listened and participated in, to some extent, a ridiculous year-long debate about funding the public service departments that provide the most vital and necessary services that could be provided to the residents of Person County: fire, rescue and EMS. Fortunately, common sense prevailed, and at least some funding was approved. Now we want to talk about operating a public golf course? The cost will assuredly far exceed what has been allocated for the VFDs.

If the existence of the golf course had been that important to the citizens of Person County, I would assume they would have supported it through utilization to the extent that it would have remained a viable financial operation for the previous owners. Obviously, they did not. Transfer of responsibility to the county would not assure that any more support would be generated for the course.

I, for one, do not want my tax dollars spent on a venture that does not stand a chance of being financially viable.

As Chairman Newell recently indicated, “the best interest of the county has to be number one.”

The acquisition of the golf course is surely not in the best interest of the county as a whole, just a vocal few.

J.M. Tezai



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