How will you celebrate local veterans?


Relatively speaking, Person County folk turn out in solid numbers to support their veterans. That’s a good thing. Can we do better? Can more people show up for a short parade and one or two brief programs over the three-day weekend? Yes.

It would, we are sure, be incredibly heart-warming for our veterans to see a standing-room-only crowd at the Person County Museum of History on Saturday morning or at the Person County Veterans Memorial on Monday.

The sacrifice on your part, to show your respect, is mighty small one. Bring a lawn chair, maybe a blanket and visit with veterans who will show up in large numbers. Listen to their stories – some ended up fighting in wars, others served here at home. Many more served during peacetime, but they served an equally important role in keeping this country safe from would-be foreign invaders.

We suspect Person County isn’t discriminatory in terms of how it honors veterans – wartime and peacetime alike. Each one of them holds a valued place in our community and, while it’s easy to show lip service to our appreciation, it’s always best to show your appreciation with your actions.

So head to Main Street Saturday morning for a parade that begins at 10 a.m. and ends at the Person County Museum of History where a program will kick off about 11 a.m. There will be speakers, pageantry and patriotism on display. You should be part of it.

If Saturday just isn’t possible with your schedule, try to carve out an hour on Monday morning – Veteran’s Day proper – and attend the ceremony planned for 11 a.m. at the Person County Veterans Memorial Park.

It’s one day out of the year. Show our veterans that you really are thankful for their service.


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