Grateful writer thanks helpers


To the editor:

On March 29, I went to Food Lion on Madison Blvd. to shop, leaving my car and husband (who isn’t well) in the parking lot. When I came out of the store, my car and my husband were gone. Needless to say, my mind and nerves went wild!

Please allow me to thank so many good people who came to our aid: The young man bringing in the carts at the store, suggesting that the manager could look at the parking lot video to see what happened to the car; Amber and all the Food Lion employees, who showed me the video, pointing out the car and my husband leaving; my neighbor Laura, who stayed with me and called my daughter, Debbie, who called law enforcement; the great policemen who stayed with me, offering assurance; my Hank, who happened to be in the store at the time, and stayed with me; to my neighbors, Person Caswell Lake Authority, N.C. Highway Patrol, and Person County Sheriff Department, for looking for my husband; Roxboro police officers Chad Campbell, Jamie Vuolo and Sean Patrick Leech, for spotting the car and staying with my husband; to my Lord, for calming me and “taking the wheel” of my car; and to all my friends and relatives for their prayers.

Lela Frances C. Barker



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