Get rid of gerrymandering


To the editor:

We’ve heard all our lives that all eligible voters should vote because our votes count. Well, based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on gerrymandering on June 27, 2019, our votes may be counted but they may not count.

Because the Supreme Court overturned lower court decisions in North Carolina and Maryland, our North Carolina General Assembly can continue the absolutely horrible practice of drawing congressional and state legislative districts to keep the majority party in power. The Supreme Court basically said that this is a political matter and should be in the hands of the political system and not in the judicial system. Well, the Supreme Court ruling was a brazenly political decision in and of itself.

It is the right of every citizen to have his or her voice heard and free and fair elections are at the heart of this fundamental right. I hope our North Carolina General Assembly will rise to the occasion by adopting a truly non-partisan way of drawing district boundaries. I don’t have my hopes up, though.

Come on, General Assembly, and fix the problem the Supreme Court created for North Carolina. Do the right thing so every citizen’s vote counts! Get rid of gerrymandering in North Carolina.

Robert Allen



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