Facilities top work list in 2019


As the first week of the New Year comes to a close, the city, county and school board are working on some big plans for 2019.

For this year, development and budgeting are major items that will effect Personians.

The biggest item Roxboro city council members are working on is the wastewater treatment plant upgrade.

“It is something that we are actively investing money in so that is number one on the list,” said Roxboro City Manager Brooks Lockhart.

According to Lockhart, for 2019 they will be going into six months of construction with the treatment plan.

They are also doing a study of lab facility upgrades due to the need for increasing testing standards in their wastewater permit.

Another item in the works this year is a sewer study along Marlos Creek.

“The city voted to undertake the Marlos Sewer Creek Study and we are actually going to get the results from that as part of the budget cycle,” said Lockhart.

They will also get results back from their analysis of potential facility upgrades.

According to Lockhart, the city is looking to address restrictions within the southside of their sanitary sewer system.

The next big item is the feasibility study for a residential curbside recycling program.

According to Lockhart, there is an opportunity for grants and additional funding to get capital for the program.

Plus with Polywood coming to town there is a lot of focus on post consumer recycling product.

County leaders have facility needs too.

One of the big items for the Person Board of County Commissioners and Person County School System is creating a facility needs plan.

“We have completed the facility audit and that will be the next step in creating a facility needs plan with county commissioners,” said Person County School System Superintendent Dr. Rodney Peterson.

County manager Heidi York said the county will play a key role in the partnership to address the school system’s facility needs.

“We are seeing a lot about the results of their facility audit that the county funded two years ago, so we are trying to develop a plan to assist them while we have extremely limited resources,” said Person County Manager Heidi York.

According to York, some of the numbers that are being tossed around are staggering and capital funding for schools is the responsibility of the county.

York says commissioners have a board retreat coming up in February and they will spend some time laying out their priorities.

“In terms of big capital needs, we have a sort of a plan for the schools to be the priority in the upcoming budget,” said York.

Among school leaders, Peterson said he expects the school system to continue to follow its own strategic plan.

“We are going to follow our PCS22 Plan and that is the strategic plan that our board passed this spring,” said Peterson.

They are currently in the middle of year one of the PCS22 Plan.

The first thing the school system has done this year was an enhancement of course offerings in Rocket Seminar for the high school.

The purpose of the seminar is to enhance classes to include personal finance and self-help classes for students and to help students get ahead by allowing them to take additional courses.

They are building a robotics program for the middle schools and they have plans to expand the dual language programs at Woodland Elementary and South Elementary.


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