Enough with the rain already


Is it just me or does it seem like it has rained nearly every day for the last month?

Even on most of the days when it hasn’t rained, it seems like the skies have been gray and cloudy.

My yard is a soggy mess.

Weather, of course, runs in cycles. Lots of rainy days may be followed by lots of clear, sunny days. But more often than not, about every third or fourth day, the weather changes.

Until we get in a rut like the one we’ve been in lately.

It reminds me of traveling along Madison Boulevard and catching every red light along the way.

Of course, I’m reminded, too, of the 2007 drought, which dried up really big lakes and had people conserving water every way they could. Suddenly rain barrels came into vogue and the need to water the lawn every day lessened dramatically.

Cities preached conservation and people kindly did their part.

Interestingly, they continued to do their part even after the drought ended and I know several towns and cities saw their water consumption remain low, which impacted revenues and the ability to plan for future growth.

The one cliche I hear every time it rains is that the farmers need it. And, of course, they do need rain in moderation during the growing season. But there aren’t too many crops growing in December and January and I wish someone could turn the spigot off until about March or April.

I grew up on a livestock farm. We didn’t have crops to tend, so I didn’t worry about too many days in a row without rain, except for wondering what the lack of rain was doing to the corn farmers who grew the grain we fed our hogs.

As a high school football player, we looked forward to rain on practice days, especially if the rain was a real gullywasher. At one end of the field where we practiced there was a long, steep hill. You could get a running start and do a belly-flop on the ground and slide for several feet. It wasn’t long before that hill turned in to a muddy mess.

We didn’t give much thought to the man who would have to wash those uniforms later and we kept taking turns sliding down that hill. Typically, we’d get about one chance each season to do that. I’ll be the first to admit it was a lot of fun.

But my muddy hill-sliding days are behind me now and I tend to think more about the aggravation rain causes me as I try to dart from my house to my truck, or from the truck into the office.

I’ll be happy when the current trend reverses itself and we get to enjoy several sunny days in a row with bright blue skies and crisp temperatures. It’ll seem like a nice reward for the incessant rain we’ve faced so much of the last month.


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