Don’t let political polarization tear us apart


Have you noticed a lack of civility across our great country over the recent decade? Seems that acceptance of differing view points are coined with phrases like “you’re racist,” “intolerant,” “activist,” “anti-Obama,” “anti-Trump,” #LockHerUp, #NotMyPresident, and so on. Why the visceral name calling, treating each other like elementary school yard bullies? Quantifier terms only create divide. Is that what the United States of America looks like at the turn of a decade? Has the polarization of politics created a new allegiance that sounds like, “A divided nation, without God, divisible, without liberty and injustice for all?” Surely, America is wiser, more caring, and more united than where polarized politics is leading our nation.

It is OK to have different viewpoints, to disagree and to have civilized conversation. It is not OK, nor legal, to assault people, defame their character, riot, breach the peace or commit acts of violence. Yet, these are scenes across America as people act uncivilized in the name of political justice. There was a time in America when people could communicate face to face, agree to disagree, and still work together, break bread together, and be neighborly.

Fortunately, in Person County the majority of these issues are discussed civilly in various community groups. Unfortunately, there are some on social media who are pushing the envelope trying to bring these national issues to our local community. Roxboro/Person County has always led the way in being civilized, civic minded, caring and compassionate toward their fellow man. Yes, we have negative marks in history. Yes, there is much work left to accomplish. But, should we allow polarized politics to really create a divide against the values that make Person County a great place to live?

I doubt anyone in this county wants to see riots, violence or be in the national headlines for something so violent, controversial and harmful to our community. Yet, the trends across America indicate that is the danger of polarized political issues. Let’s drop the quantifier, visceral reactions, and get back to the greatest commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Have a blessed weekend.

Editor’s note:
Roxboro Police Chief David Hess and The Courier-Times have partnered together to print a monthly Chief’s Column, which will be published the first Saturday of each month. Personians can submit questions to the chief to be answered in the next edition and the chief will provide updates on community policing initiatives, safety awareness and other happenings in the city.


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