Don’t cut PE teachers


To the editor:

Good grief! If school positions are going to be eliminated, it certainly should not be physical education. Kids need to get outside and they need physical activity. Especially now when they cannot put their phones or computers down. It would seem that numerous administrative positions are not as important as teaching. Although, of course, it is bad for anyone to lose a job. I hope those in charge will take time to really consider the teaching jobs before they go cutting them.

Speaking of students, parents should really think about whether they want to spend money on colleges and universities that do not encourage individual thought and exchange of ideas. When a conservative speaker is in danger on campus just because they have a different point of view from the liberals and the media, I cannot think that is somewhere I would want to put my money, let alone my child.

I wish we could go back to apprenticeships and trade schools. Community colleges are a good place to start. College, contrary to what politicians want you to think, is not for everyone. Someone has to fix your car and make you that cup of coffee you pick up in the morning. There are many places to work that should not require a degree, but jobs could be taught on site.

Elsye Paulikonis


Editor’s note: This letter was received prior to the Board of Education’s decision on Thursday night to approve a reduction in force, that included the elimination of three physical education positions, down from five that were initially proposed.


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