Donations prove to be critical


To the editor:

I wrote a letter to you a few months ago, promoting organ donation and since then, as God and fate would have it, this issue of organ donation has come home in a huge way, affecting my family.

My daughter, Megan, at the age of 27, had a total failure of her liver, the main filter of one’s body and was facing certain death. By the grace of God and an unknown organ donor, she was pulled from the jaws of death by a successful full liver transplant, performed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham hospital.

Due to the grace of God a heroic, unknown organ donor and a first-class transplant team who failed to give up, through three heart stoppages of my daughter, to successfully transplant a suitable donor liver. She is doing remarkably well and the doctors expect a full, though lengthy, recovery.

Some facts are in order: Had this kind stranger not allowed his healthy liver to be utilized in my daughter’s dying body, he and my daughter would certainly both be deceased.

What I am stating is that he lives on in my Megan and she lives on because of his kind, compassionate donation of a nearly perfect, healthy liver he could not continue to utilize in his dying body. Talk about commendable love and heroism.

As a qualified and registered donor, you offer no less than the gift of life as this stranger gave to my precious daughter. To support organ donation is to support life. Nothing less.

A few thoughts this experience has left me with:

When it comes your time to die, dont/ Live on in another person. Cheat death. Be your brother’s keeper.

Bear in mind as you meet your fellow members of the human race, you are surely meeting a certain percentage of them that, thanks to transplanted organs, they carry from donors that have largely passed on, but not entirely and are now living on, in plain sight as my daughter now is.

Donor organ recipients become organ donors. Talk about generations to come in the future can exist and thrive due to your kindness, begin a donor in the present.

Give to live on and help your fellow man, woman and child live on.

We are all, in sum total, derived from all that came before us, be they intact bodies or bodies with a donated life-sustaining organ. Hold your hands up in front of your face and you are looking at your parents, grandparents and on and on back up your family tree of life.

To die, as we all do, without being a cost-free donor of an organ or organs, you will never again need or utilize in my opinion, is a total sin. Think of how many of us die in this world daily for lack of a suitable and available organ transplant.

Transplants can be viewed as the mainstays of many families who grow up, marry and raise families of their own, utilizing hand-me-down clothing.

This principle is evident in used cars, used homes, etc.

If there is still usable life left in it, don’t throw it away. It’s so obviously simple, when you think about it.

Though organ donation recipients may never know your name, they will know they live on because a precious stranger chose life over death, affecting two people.

You can kill by withholding life. People killed on battlefields are killed by some conscious, premeditated assault. People dying for lack of available, transplantable organs are killed by plain indifference.

Organ donation is a win-win for all parties. Were it not for the kindness of this stranger, my daughter would be in fourth month of physical decomposition. Nothing less.

Conan Clayton

Huntsville, Ala.


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