Defending a racist president


To the editor:

Recently Donald Trump made a vicious racist attack against four Congresswomen. This speech was attended by Rep. Larry Yarborough, one senator and members of the Courier-Times staff.

In the past, the editor of The Courier-Times wrote in an editorial that The Courier-Times does not print national news events. This was in response to a letter in the opinion page questioning the lack of news about the Obama administration.

In fact, Mr. Whitfield wrote a full page article that appears to support Trump’s racist speech.

Donald Trump is no patriot, he is a draft dodger. He should visit the Vietnam Memorial and ask each one of the 58,000 names, which one of you took my place?

Those who believe he is not racist should check their own biases.

I usually ignore his racist rants, however; when he starts telling American citizens to go back where they came from, it makes my blood boil. I have been told this hundreds of times, although I spent 22 years in the military defending this country.

I along with two of my brothers have 70 years of military service. My brother and I served in Vietnam at the same time. This was a violation of Army policy. Since I was the last to land in country, I was given the choice of going home. I refused.

My brother returned home safely. I was wounded during the Tet offensive. After 40 days I returned to my unit. I’m not a hero. My name is not on the wall with real heroes, however; words can not explain how I feel when Donald Trump calls people of color non-citizens. I can prove that my family has been here since 1838.

I can ignore most of Trump’s rhetoric, however; he’s attempting to divide Americans by race, which is downright disgusting. Those who listen to his racist speeches or write about his speeches without condemnation should check their own biases. This includes our elected officials.

Ernest Poole



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