County above average in census response


Person County residents are responding to the U.S. Census survey a slightly better clip than people in most North Carolina counties.

Based on responses submitted through March 17.4 percent of Person County residents have responded to the census survey. That’s slightly better than the state average of 16.6 percent. Person County is 40th among North Carolina’s 100 counties in its response rate, according to the Carolina Demography, which tracks census data.

According to the group, Person County ranks 40th among North Carolina’s 100 counties in its response rate.

With just over 22 percent of survey recipients responding, neighboring Caswell County leads the state in response rate.

While the local area is responding well to the survey, North Carolina lags behind other states, ranking just 41st among the 50 states in its response rate. Statewide, North Carolinians are behind the national average by about two percentage points.

Other data collected by Carolina Demography shows that North Carolina residents are using the new online option less frequently than residents of other states. According to the figures, 13 percent of respondents in North Carolina chose to respond online, compared to 16 percent on average nationally.

In Person County, the census tract that covers the northeastern part of the county reported the lowest participation rate, with 14.5 percent of respondents taking part. The most active census tract in Person County, with 25.4 percent of respondents completing the survey is the tract that runs, generally south of U.S. 158 on the western side of the county to north of N.C. 49. That area includes the communities of Roseville, Gordonton and the Hester’s store area.

Response rates are important to local governments because the data collected through the census affects many walks of life, from federal funding for programs like Medicare and transportation to the allocation of political seats in Congress and in statewide and local elections.

Historically, Person County’s response rates have hovered just below 70 percent. In 1990 64 percent of Personians responded and in 2000, that percentage rose to 68 percent. In the 2010 Census, 68.7 percent responded.


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