Congress should fund a border wall


While driving through Roxboro recently, I saw a bumper sticker on a car that said, “Proud Person County Democrat.” My first thought was, “What, exactly, are you proud of?”

Much of the news is about the impasse between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over funding for a wall along our southern border. Honestly, for the Democrats, this must be an embarrassing argument. Imagine claiming that “We’re for border security,” then in the next breath you say, “But walls are ineffective.” Really? Why does Israel have walls along its West Bank borders? Walls work.

Trump says he is willing to accept only $5.7 billion, far less than the $25 billion most Democrats voted for earlier this year. $5.7 billion is only 0.14 percent of a $4.1 trillion annual budget. The annual national food stamps program is approximately $70 billion per year. To put this into perspective, take a $50,000-per-year income and take 0.14 percent out for a project. That project would total $70.

Many Democrats – former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, former Sen. Harry Reid – all gave impassioned speeches for why we must have a border wall. But now? Crickets. When will this madness stop? When millions of regular folks demand that the Congress fund a wall.

Trump is looking for a small downpayment, Democrats are saying no. Pelosi calls a wall “immoral” and “racist.” She must think a wall is more immoral than allowing tons of fentanyl and heroin into our country through Mexico. And “racist” is a throw-away word Democrats use when they don’t have anything substantive to argue with a Republican. Pelosi doesn’t seem to care about the murderous gang members and other criminal aliens who sneak in every day. One only needs to look closely at the states of California and New York to get a glimpse of the future the Democrats envision for all of America.

Frankly, no one in the Congress should be telling Customs and Border Patrol what kind of wall to build – not a Democrat nor a Republican. We must let the CBP security professionals tell us what is needed – wall, fence, drones, humans, whatever – and Congress must appropriate the money.

It’s Democrats’ poor policies over the last several decades that have driven away many voters from their traditional constituency – blacks, Hispanics and blue-collar workers. These folks were attracted to Trump’s plan for border security, new businesses, more jobs, and better pay.

Border jumpers do not come here deserving asylum from persecution. No, they are coming for a better life. But there is a right way to do it. Apply for citizenship. It’s got to be less costly and dangerous than paying a coyote $10,000.

So again, I must ask, what is there for Democrats to be proud of? They should be ashamed and embarrassed at the radical party they have become. To all the other voters, pay attention or you will lose your country.


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