City solves neighborhood’s water needs


The Roxboro City Council approved the placement of a water meter at Flat River Mobile Home Park at its meeting Tuesday night.

The city received a request from the owners of the mobile home park to put the park on city water. Assistant City Manager Tommy Warren told council that the park is currently on a well system, but the owners wish to abandon the well in favor of the city water system.

Warren said the park’s current system doesn’t meet the city’s standards which means the city cannot take over the existing system and install individual meters. If the owners wanted the city to install individual water meters, Warren said the owners would have to have a new water system designed by a professional engineer and installed by a licensed utility contractor to meet the standards and then the city could take over the line.

Flat River Mobile Home Park is located off Weldon Painter Road in Timberlake. There is an existing 6-inch water main located in the shoulder of Weldon Painter Road. Warren said the line’s daily usage would increase by about 2,700 gallons with the park currently at 27 homes and the owners are looking to expand to the limit of 35 homes – a demand the city could also easily handle.

“To be honest with you, any additional usage we can get off this line would be a benefit to the city,” Warren said.

The City has a resolution in place that requires developers who desire to connect property outside the city to city utilities to submit a petition for annexation to be considered by the council. But that annexation petition does not have be accepted by the city in order to provide them with water.

Warren noted that resolution, but said that the park’s distance outside the city means that the land could not be annexed.

However, that resolution, adopted by city in 2018, also allows Roxboro to provide utility services without annexing the property, so long as the property has made the request.

North Carolina state law requires that satellite annexations – which the Flat River Mobile Home Park would require – be no more than three miles from the primary corporate limits. Flat River Mobile Home Park is located approximately 6.7 miles from the primary corporate limits.

Warren said there is also a limit on the size of satellite annexations – no more that 10 percent of the city’s area. He said the city encompasses about 4,000 acres, so it could have 400 acres as satellite annexations. The city currently has 145 acres under satellite annexation.

“We would be able to take it from the size standpoint, but we can’t take it from the distance standpoint without special legislation,” Warren said.

Council members approved the request unanimously.


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