City leaders ride PATS’ Roxboro shuttle


The Roxboro City Council recessed its Monday meeting to ride Person Area Transportation System new Roxboro Shuttle.

Each council member hopped on board at the Person County Courthouse except for two, donning their “We Love PATS,” stickers in show of support of the public transportation service to bring more attention to the shuttle.

The council agreed nearly two weeks ago at their strategic planning meeting to ride the new shuttle and check out the new route.

“We wanted to know more about where the bus goes,” said City of Roxboro Mayor Merilyn Newell.

The council rode the entire route and were able to see the City of Roxboro in a new light.

“I believe the overall consensus was eye-opening and a joyful experience,” said Newell.

The council also paid for anyone who wanted to ride that day.

When PATS regular Elaine Martin got on, she was able to ride the shuttle for free.

However, Martin did not know who her shuttle mates were until the council members got off the shuttle.

“That was city council? Amusing,” said Martin.

Martin depends on the transportation service for her daily needs.

“I use PATS to get my groceries and go to the doctor and get my medicine because both of my kids work and I live alone, so I really depend on PATS,” said Martin.

That is why Newell believes that PATS provides a golden opportunity for residents, priced at $1, and hopes that people become aware of the service and the opportunity it provides.

“We just hope folks will take the opportunity to check out the bus and the route. We had a fun time and I know they will too,” said Newell.

The Roxboro Shuttle launched March 4.

The deviated fixed shuttle route includes a total of 23 stops at major shopping areas, Uptown Roxboro, The Christian Help Center, Earl Bradsher Preschool, Piedmont Community College, Person County Senior Center and Person Memorial Hospital.

The route operates 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, running in a 90-minute loop.


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