Bojangles' employee tests positive for virus


The Person County Health Department announced on Thursday night that an employee of Bojangles on Madison Boulevard has tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee last worked at the restaurant on Tuesday. Bojangles closed the restaurant Wednesday after learning about the worker's diagnosis to clean and disinfect the building. The restaurant has since reopened, but it's unclear how long it was closed for cleaning.

The Health Department alerted the company to the diagnosis and when they did, they discovered the employee also had told the restaurant about the illness.

"The necessary protocols for ensuring the health and safety of the affected employee, other employees, close contacts, and the public have been taken. The establishment has been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected in compliance with CDC guidelines," Person County Health Director Janet Clayton said.

Clayton said the Health Department released the information about the patient's workplace in consultation with the restaurant's management and corporate ownership.

"We worked with Bojangles and their franchise ownership because of the number of phone calls we were getting and the number of questions on social media and phone calls they were getting directly at the restaurant," Clayton said. "

She said the worker's fellow employees who had close contact with the patient were sent home to self-quarantine for 14 days or, she said, they could take a test for the presence of the virus and if the results were negative, they could return to work.

Health Department officials say the worker is at home and in self-isolation. Close contacts of the worker have been notified. It's unclear whether the employee served customers directly or how many close contacts the employee had before the diagnosis.


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