A short life keeps on giving


No parent should ever have to go through the horrible ordeal of losing a child. Whether that child is 17, a full-grown adult, or an infant, it’s an unfathomable loss. It’s an especially insidious thing when it happens with no warning whatsoever, the way Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, claimed the life of Chaney Corcoran when he was just 10 weeks old.

His family has found a remarkable way to make sure that his memory will live on.

Their non-profit organization, Chaney’s Champions, delivers stuffed animals to local police and fire departments, which can be used to help calm children in high-stress situations.

That may seem like a small act, but it has a large impact. As the organization spreads its charitable effort to more first responders and children’s organizations, the memories of Chaney Corcoran are extended and more people benefit from his short life.

Acts of kindness, it seems, are increasingly rare these days. The public debate is shrill and filled with animous. Roxboro police officers and firefighters could easily be consumed by the emergency at hand. But we have come to expect so much more from the people in those positions. And they have come through time and time again. Helping a child through a difficult experience is a challenge in any circumstance. Having an organization like Chaney’s Champions make that effort easier is a blessing in many ways.

Roxboro Chief of Police David Hess is fond of saying there is unity in community. In difficult times, particularly, that is true more often than not. People in Roxboro and throughout Person County have long displayed a willingness to help others when the need is great. Chaney’s Champions takes its own approach at fulfilling that same effort. It’s a laudable thing that organization has done to help others. We would all do well to follow their example by looking for some small action we can take to make our community a better place, to help a neighbor in need or to add value to someone else’s life.


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