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To the editor:

If you need a heart and lung transplant, you go to Duke Medical Center, but with an accident or illness, you most likely will find yourself at the nearest hospital. 

After my husband, Bob, had a particularly bad fall, hitting his side with implants, the doctor ordered a wireless reading of the implants, to see if these life-saving devices were working properly. This was done, and after no response, the cardiologist was contacted. Unable to access the database, the cardiologist wanted my husband taken to the nearest emergency room.

Bob went immediately to Person Memorial Hospital, where he was connected to a wireless transmitter for his implants. The data was transmitted to a specialist, but it was the weekend, and there was no one available to access/read the transmission. PMH’s doctor then called Medtronic, the manufacturer of the implants, to report the problem. A few hours later, a Medtronic specialist arrived at PMH, wheeling equipment to receive and interpret another transmission. The PMH doctor on staff made sure Bob’s implants were working and that he was fine before sending him home. Soon after I found myself ill and being treated for pneumonia at PMH.

When you enter a hospital, you see the structure and decor, but what you don’t see is the quality of personalized care a hospital provides. Having been hospitalized in past years at larger, newer hospitals, I noticed the differences. The care I received had me feeling better more rapidly than I thought possible. My veins didn’t cooperate for more than a couple of days before requiring a change. One night I asked the nurse to wait until after I prayed before beginning the needed procedure. Not only did she wait, she prayed with me.

Having been admitted through the ER, my white socks became my slippers. When I needed to get out of bed to use the facilities, I would put on the socks and walk about. After five days, I was surprised to find my socks were still clean. PMH didn’t get a ‘white glove inspection,’ but they definitely passed my ‘white socks inspection,’ though the tiles were old.

Having a local hospital where we can receive immediate care by a staff, who provides kind and compassionate attention, is a blessing. When compared to three top-rated hospitals where I spent days receiving care in past years, PMH was the oldest structure, yet the care I received was excellent and overall, the response from staff was actually better.

Person County has a good local hospital, and PMH deserves the support of county management and the residents of Person County. 

PMH also provides outpatient therapy. After falling six times in less than three months, Bob went to PMH for therapy. They determined why he was falling during his first session and began treatment. Since beginning his therapy, he hasn’t fallen.

To the management and staff of Person Memorial Hospital, we thank you for your excellent care.

Carmen Giggey



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