NORTH CAROLINA PERSON COUNTY NOTICE OF SALE OF VALUABLE LAND PERSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA Under and by virtue of the Order of the Clerk of Superior Court of Person County, North Carolina, made in a special proceeding entitled PETITION TO SELL REAL PROPERTY BY PRIVATE SALE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF KATHRYN JOANN KEITH designated as 20 SP 70. The undersigned Commissioner will on Thursday, March 4, 2021, 11:00 AM at the Person county Courthouse, Roxboro, North Carolina, offer for sale for $55,000.00 or to the highest bidder pursuant to the terms and conditions listed below the following track or parcel of land; The real property located at 255 Hugh Blalock Rd., Roxboro, NC 27574 said property being described as follows: A Certain track or parcel of land lying and being in the Roxboro Township, Person County, State of North Carolina, and lying on the west side of State Road 1578. Said track or parcel of land consisting of 1.0 acres more or less. For more accurate and perfect description of the aforesaid described 1.0 acre tract or parcel of land reference is hereby specifically made to a plat and survey entitled "Subdivision for Hugh C. Blalock Jr." as surveyed by Jim Morrow, R.L.S. which plat is recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds a Person County in Plat Cabinet 10, page 39-I. Fore more accurate and perfect description of the above described 1.0 acre track or parcel of land reference is hereby specifically made to the before mentioned plat and survey. This property is subject to those restrictive Covenants in recorded in the Person County Registry in Deed book 260 page 525 and being that land described in Deed book 436 page 146 of the Person County Registry. Person County Tax Map 88 81. The sale is subject to all easements of record and subject to any easements and restrictions of record. The purchaser of the above described track or parcel of land shall be responsible for the 2021 Person County ad Valorem taxes on the subject land. The purchaser will be required to deposit 10% of his or her or their bid with the undersigned Commissioner as evidence of good faith and the sale will remain open for 10 days from the date of the filing of the report of sale for the making of upset bids on said track of land. The report of sale will be made to the Person County Clerk of Superior Court and all of said upset bids to be placed with the Person County Clerk of Superior Court. Ultimately the successful purchase of the above described plan will take possession of the said land immediately upon confirmation of the sale of the Person County Clerk of Superior Court in the execution and delivery of the commission is deed to such successful purchaser, subject to the reservations here in the above stated in the payment of the purchase price. This January 27, 2021. Thomas L. Fitzgerald, Commissioner 22 Court Street, Suite 100 Roxboro, NC 27573 336-599-2567 1/28; 2/4,11,18/2021

Posted 12/31/1969